Forms & Worksheets

Streamline your first session by getting your forms filled out ahead of time. This section contains forms and documents to be looked at, filled out, and talked about in the first session with a new client. These forms can be downloaded, filled out, and brought into your first session to save time. If there is confusion or the form is incomplete I will readily work with my clients to fill the form in.

Professional Disclosure Statement: This document is an overview of my services, fees, and how to report to the Oregon Licensing Board


Adult Intake Assessment  Intake form for adult clients. Feel free to print and fill out as you see fit, not all sections may be applicable to you as a client 


Child (minor) Intake Assessment This form helps to identify and understand what presenting problems may be taking place with a minor and is signed by the legal guardian


Informed Consent Document This document spells out what to expect in therapy and serves as an jumping off point of understanding what I offer as a therapist



Activity & Worksheets:
The following worksheets and resources are designed to parallel the therapy process I engage in with my clients. I may choose an activity to assign between sessions. The use of activities such as these has the ability to stimulate emotional reactions of various strengths. If you find that you experience a strong emotional reaction to an activity, please talk to someone about it with a trusted friend, loved one, or mental health professional

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