My Clients







Adoption/Foster Placement**

Grief & Loss

Addiction/Dependency (drugs, alcohol, Internet, gaming, etc)

Body Image Concerns

Adolescent Struggles (family, friends, school)**

Life Transitions


Low Motivation**

Abuse (verbal, physical, sexual, spiritual)

Self Esteem/Self Confidence**

Defiance/Behavioral Concerns**

Self Identity**


Self Care (professional & personal)**

Emotion/Mood Irregularity


Relationship Troubles (family, loved, social)

 **Indicates area of greater specialty



 I currently  work with children, adolescents, and young adults in our local community struggling with personal, family, and/or social problems. I also offer services to clients who are outside of these age brackets. I provide counseling service to individual, families, and groups struggling in one or more of the areas listed above. I typically meet with clients from the Central Oregon area and am based in Bend Oregon currently

I have spent the last 12 years working with children through young adult populations. Often times the struggles of growing up can feel like a terrible burden, one that no one could possibly understand. The uniqueness of these years and struggles can seem confusing and frustrating. Being able to connect with younger populations has been a specialty of mine and I am honored to have played a crucial role in the lives of so many clients already.


As an adult adoptee (adopted at 5 months) I also understand and have significant training in adoption related struggles. I have experience working with teens and families within the adoption triad. The uniqueness of adoption plus the struggles of everyday life can lead to complicated and confusing struggles that can take a significant toll on individuals as well as families.

Life can offer so much, and for some it is easier to isolate or find other ways to numb the pain of the struggles life has given someone. I work with my clients to understand the uniqueness of their lives and take great care in assisting my clients to feel empowered enough in their lives to make change more than just a thought. It can be a reality.