Adventure Therapy











The word “Adventure” has different meanings and connotations, and as such may in itself create certain anxieties within my clients. I utilize the concept of “Challenge by Choice” which dictates that my clients choose their personal level of challenge and we base our work from this platform. I aim to offer my clients the chance to engage in activities that are Fun, Challenging, and Safe all with focusing on anxieties, fear (real and/or perceived), doubt, commitment, and acceptance.


As a believer in the healing powers associated with our natural environment I hope to offer my clients a non-traditional approach towards personal empowerment and change. This can take place on a broad range of spectrums, some of which can be discussed and created through longer conversations with myself in session or in our initial phone consultation.


We live in an amazing area of the country (Central Oregon), with countless options for getting outside and finding adventure and challenge. It is my goal to help members of this community connect to the natural environment and experience the empowerment and self growth that can be found by just getting outside and looking at things from a new perspective.


Through the use of individual, family, or group activities (typically more challenging activities) I work with my clients towards personal and group empowerment. My goal is to help the planning process of an adventure based experience in regards to what kinds of goals and aspirations may a client be looking to conquer on the trip. How does this help the individual, the group, the system? By placing ourselves in challenging environments we quickly learn what is in and out of our immediate control. This allows us to forget the struggle of our everyday life and focus on what is immediately in front of us. After an adventure based activity we then come around and talk about the activity itself and any similarities or parallels we can relate back to our home lives.




**I  also acknowledge that some of the nature/adventure sessions may lend themselves to longer time frames (beyond 90 minutes). Please refer to my rates/Cost page for more pricing information. These prices are flexible based on planning and conversations with my clients prior to any activity based treatment.