Nature Therapy





If getting outside and putting yourself in an adventure based situation is not your cup of tea, I also offer the ability to just get outside and enjoy the natural environment in a less challenging way. Nature Therapy can offer my clients time in settings such as: taking a walk in the woods, sitting and watching a river move downstream, or simply sitting in the grass looking at the clouds can bring a unique perspective to my clients. In today's busy world we often find little time to ourselves, to just breathe and find calmness. Living in Central Oregon offers an amazing ability to get out in just minutes. Allow me to help you see what Bend Oregon and the local envionment have to offer and how to use it to help find balance in your everyday life.

When was the last time you just stopped to take in all that surrounds you? In my nature based approach to therapy I work my clients on techniques like the following: finding inner peace and contentment, focused breathing exercises, mind/body awareness, simplicity in a not so simple time, mindfulness, and more.





** I also acknowledge that some of the nature/adventure sessions may lend themselves to longer time frames (beyond 90 minutes). Please refer to my rates/cost page for more pricing information. These prices are flexible based on planning and conversations with my clients prior to any activity based treatment.